Monday, April 16, 2012


Looking through my images today, I have probably painted "The Rock Hibiscus" more than any other flower.  I believe this is due to the fact it reseeds itself and grows along the driveway so as I get into my car it always comes to my attention.  

A Hawaiian endemic there are 2 difference kinds of white ones with fragrance.  The only hibiscus every found to have a fragrance.  These have to be some of my very favorite.

                                                                        One of my beginning studies done from hybrid hibiscus.

                                                I love the hau flowers as well as the hau trees, especially the larger ones.

                                                                             Orchid done at the Fragrant Orchid Farm.

                    Another Hawaiian endemic, found it in Makawao while working a retail shop for a good friend.
                                                                                       Passion Fruit and flower
                                               More hau, though this is not the large bloom.  The tree is in front of
                                                          Lahaina Harbor.
              This is the Rock's hibiscus again, I thoroughly enjoyed painting these and listened to Paul Simon and Friends: The Library of Congress's Gershwin Prize, while painting them.  Finishing that went to Beethoven's 7th and 9th.  Where my daughter Mak walked in and told me that the classical music was just the thing she wanted to listen to right then.  So we put on "Ode to Joy".   Which just infused us further with joy!

                                                                                      I call this one "Lifted to the Sky".

I often think I would like to publish these or reproduce them.  The shots I have are not the best quality and would take some computer work to show a true white background.  My family likes the white backgrounds and encourages me to continue with my botanical studies.  There is always some special bloom to work from.  Thank you for visiting.

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  1. They are all beautiful. I prefer a white background too...most all of my paintings have a white background or lots of white. I am painting roses right now.