Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Post from my Best Friend

My wife has a wicked sense of humor.  Sometimes, the meaner she feels, the more she laughs, in my case I think it's a protective nechanism to prevent pre-meditated manslaughter! Today however, she crossed the line of human decency by invading the sanctitude of a man's nap and recording it for prosterity. I had left her in the living room with my 3 daughters to discuss the finer points of wedding dresses and the latest winners and losers on America's Got Talent, and sought the shelter of my bedroom. When I play my guitar or banjo while lying on my back alone, a wonderful peace comes upon me, which is quickly replaced by an overwhelming desire to take a quick 40 winks. This has been happening almost daily since i hit "Middle age", BTW; did you know that the Middle Ages were originally called the "Dark Ages"?

Well, that's how I feel every day about 2:30, it's hot in Lahaina,
I've endured alot of stress thinking about wedding dresses and crying
losers on AGT and I NEED A NAP!! The thing that gets my wife really
mad, however, is that the cat likes me better than her. This is
because I spoil the little begger rotten, pieces of meat snuck under
the table, the bottom milk of my cereal bowl, the last few licks of my
ice cream.....basically whatever she asks for if mom isn't looking. I
feel that life is too short,(Especially for a pet),not to show my
great love by spoiling her with these minor infractions in "Mom's
rules". After all, my "Love language" is "acts of kindness", I can't
help it, I guess somthing in my childhood or somthing. Raliegh on the
other hand runs a tight ship, after all we already lost one cat to
heart failure she argues...a vald point, but once again, how does one
go against his "love language"? So here I am sleeping peacfully by 2
friends, my guitar, and my bad back dictates that I sleep flat, so extra pillows are piled up on the guitar, this also keeps it
from vibrating when I snore, somthing I swear I don't do, but everyone
else that lives with me says otherwise. So that's my explanation of
this rather strange picture of a man, his guitar, his pillows and his
cat. Aloha, Harry

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  1. Thanks for stopping by the garden, I hope you enjoyed your walk. Maybe that is what made you tired. Great paintings, love the water splashes. My father is a water color artist also.

  2. After visiting your beautiful garden blog I went out to my garden with my camera, thus the post, Ripe Yet? Mahalo for visiting

    PS I'm his wife, though my name is Raliegh;P