Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ripe Yet?

This morning I went out to check on our corn patch and  took shots of lots of the fruit we have growing.
These oranges are delicious!
We have many papaya trees,
I can't wait until they all bear

This is part of the banana family, not edible but pretty in the morning sun

And I can't resist my favorite Hawaiian hibiscus.  I want to paint them every time I see them bloom in my garden.  However, today I am working on my seaglass earrings hopefully I will be able to sell some this Saturday.  

We pet sat for this lone love bird, the first few days were so fun!  Harry played banjo and it would really rock out!

After having it around a few days my girls put it outside so they could sleep in.  How frustrating for our cat!  I'm glad the owner is back.  With the exception of our very spoiled cat, I prefer animals in their natural habitat!


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