Thursday, July 5, 2012

Early 70's Surf

       Big Sur

These next four photos are from the town Harry graduated from.  I really can't believe that the surfing community has not  found all the wonderful surf breaks of California, but I will respect the locals and keep it quiet.  Sorry the ink is faded, they are from 1972.  Gorgeous waves and gorgeous rides, HT!

My daughter Eberle helped me resuscitate my computer today and I'm late getting my "50 Years of Surfing" posted.  I hope you are enjoying this journey back to the earlier times of surfing. 

Due to the bleached out color of the photos and the fact that I have very rarely painted California, I decided to feature a very colorful artist and surfer, Bob Phillips.  He spends his time painting, surfing and enjoying his family.  I definitely agree that his art is driven by his love of the ocean and surfing. Check out the current inventory on his website;

Santa Barbara Surfused with Bob Phillips permission