Friday, July 6, 2012

Digressing to Surf Vehicles We Have Owned

Harry is telling me to hurry along in my narrative of his surfing history as he has spent so many years of his  life in Hawaii.  Hey it's my blog and my Facebook, I just might have to extend my birthday salute!  I haven't even gotten to some of my favorite parts of his California story like the Ranch.  I think I like the Ranch stories so much because they are real live Cowboy Stories.  One of the surfer boys worst nemesis at The Ranch is even named Floyd, how's that for a cowboy name?  The Ranch is in Northern Santa Barbara County.  It is1000's of acres along some of the best coast for surfing in the world.  Harry remembers a time he walked 19 miles in one day to surf 5 different spots.  He and his buddies were often escorted out of the Ranch at the point of a rifle.  Other times they would return to the beach to find their pants and shoes were taken and they had to walk out barefoot, wet and cold, in the dark.   And then another one of my favorites was when they took the tires off the VW bug, waited until dark and with the headlights off drove on top of the train tracks to a break, hid the VW in the bushes and surfed for hours.  Of course, climbing back up to the top of the cliff they were greeted by Floyd and the Boys!  I'll will again ask him if he won't guest post more of those terrific tales.  You might want to ask him what happened to the dog that was tied up on his friend small fishing craft that was anchored to close to the break.

See the mold growing under the sun visors.
 We once lived in one of the wettest places
on Maui.  

Anyway, today I digress to show Harry's and my
many wonderful surf vehicles.  Your's truly is sitting and waving Aloha from this trusty, crusty truck.  Harry pulled up one day, to Honomanu Bay, while watching the surf, he got excited, jumped out and locked his keys in.  He surfed until after sunset and tried frantically to break in.  He finally gave up and used a rock to break the window.  I don't think cell phones work out there today, but if they did it was 1982.  No cell phone, no internet!

Harry's board 's on the
porch when he lived on my
family's property down on Front Street
directly across from Shark Pit

Harry came to Maui , the day after
Memorial Day 1976
I came the day after Labor Day the same year.
He was just going to visit for a short time, so was I.

This was my least favorite of all our vehicles. It was more than a surf vehicle, it was the family car. The headliner came unglued except around the edges.  Notice the holes in the roof?  One very rainy day we went Christmas shopping and the liner swelled with water.  The water was trapped and dripping above our heads, moving every turn.  Harry bought me my own car after this.  It didn't end happily either but  
we never did get into any car accidents, Praise the Lord. 
 We upgraded from the rusty, crusty truck to another rusty, crusty truck with a camper.  I had my own suburu, Hallelujah, until almost everything in it and on it, broke at once.

This is Harry's surf vehicle today.  Someone asked
him why he didn't get a newer car, he told them, this
rolls to S Turns and Launipoko fine.  This week he even went without oil in it.  Thankfully that got replenished before the motor fried.

One of Harry's many quivers, he collects then sells.  

 Out of all our vehicles we miss the VW van the most.  We would pack it up on Friday, get off work late at night, and take off on our camping, surfing adventure.  It was a wonderful time for us and we dream of going on a road trip again.  This time we want to go along the whole coast of America!  Surfing and painting and even visiting a few bluegrass festivals.  I picked this for our van instead of an RV, we are going to name it the Toy Box after Scotty's.

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