Monday, July 9, 2012

Surfing Hawaii

1976, Harry moves to Hawaii, I've moved here three months later, obviously boy meets girl but there are a few years were Harry and I are just friends, Harry rents a room, (I have my own Ohana in the backyard) at my brother's house on Front Street.  Back in the good old days there was an empty lot across the street with a nice surf spot called Shark Pit.  A few years later I'm a care taker of an empty building with a balcony that hung right over Front Street with an outstanding view of the Harbor and Breakwall, two excellent surf spots though the various storms and tsunamis changed these spots they are still very popular.  We don't tell them how excellent they were back then.  This is where Harry talks me into letting him move in.  I am of a completely different mind set about living together today and I will preach on that later but for now, our lives seem like a perfect surfer’s dream.  

Harry surfing The Harbor

We had the good fortune of living in a condo
in front of this North Break, this photo was
taken from our lanai.
Years later, after much practice painting, I went back up
North and captured this plein aire.
some of my earliest efforts
I finished this yesterday
10 X 8
"High Tide"
Harry and the boys
Mala Surf Contest

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