Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's been keeping me busy!

                                            For Harry's birthday, us girls got together and made
their father a cheesecake.  We harvest our own 
Lilikoi (passionfruit) from our backyard and used 
it for a glaze on top, doesn't this look yummy?

Interesting tools used to make a pie crust.
And of course, the girls always have their cell phones handy.  

We let Mak drive us to the store for the special ingredients.
She only has a permit so we all volunteered tips and instructions.  Kai is hamming it up in the back wearing two belts.
This week is Vacation Bible School.  Some young men have been
added to our church recently.  I get the biggest kick out of them.
Here's a low rider truck, skateboard tucked in back with a Jesus love you sticker.
A new Bible with another young believer!
Thank you Lord for their new found faith.

Alfie plays skateboard tricks on his Bible,
my cat curls up next to mine for a cool nap.
'Koki o kea'
10 X 8
not much time to paint this week,
I did this one a while back,
 of my hibiscus plant.