Friday, October 5, 2012

Grey but Nice, Just Like Our Home Decorators Say!

I worked everyday last week on the paintings I brought home from Hana and of course the week before I was in Hana painting.  This week is one of the first times since I started painting that I ran out of watercolor paper!  I feel like a fish out of the water.  I probably have one more 5 X 7 which I'll use tomorrow when I volunteer at the Jail Gallery because who ever heard of not painting while they work;P

At the start of this week we had some grey skies.  I had to drive over to the Otherside to do that pink ribbon thing aka mammogram and took my camera with me.  The Otherside is our main town on Maui, the airport and Malls are there.  And I found this funky Old House turned into a bead shop, I love both!  This boy greeted me and before long, he had found my pant leg so amusing he was hanging on getting dragged along.

 I love these door knobs, doesn't everybody!  They used the old
doors for display tables.  I'm sorry about another grey picture on this grey day, I forgot to turn on my flash.

I pulled over to take a few shots of these nice shaped but small waves.  The swell had been predicted to reach 10 feet.  Sorry surfer Dad, it never did.  I also caught this Coastguard helicopter doing some practice maneuvers.  What I really liked though, after looking these photos over, is the feeling/shape of the kiawe trees.  I can't wait to get that paper.  I think the grayness will keep the focus on the shape of tree and the indistinct islands in the background.   

For some color and design I'll include my cat who follows 
me around while I water my garden.  She loves the fresh flow.

I hope you are having a terrific week, thank you for stopping by.

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