Friday, October 12, 2012

Juicy North Swell!

Who doesn't like a good wipeout shot?! ...... Da guy in it :) Peahi 10-10-12 — with Isaac Stant.
photo by Mike Neal

We finally got our big juicy North Swell!  We waited for it as the NOAA, National weather service put out warnings of it's approach days before it hit.  The crowds at Jaws are huge.  Parking is a big challenge as cars are lined up along the highway and in private fields and driveways.  All kinds of people have to walk through private property to reach the look out to watch the Pros.  Helicopters are buzzing around, as well as jet skies.

I want to take the time today to point out this same thing will happen to property owners should Honolua Bay become developed.  Besides being one of the most beautiful places in the world, surfers and beachgoers, tourists, photographers, snorkelers and divers have been enjoying Honolua Bay for years and private property is not going to stop them.  

My favorite surfer at Honolua 1970's

Save Honolua Bay
2000, he is still surfing and another generation has joined him!
Let's keep it going

 `Au`au Channel diptych
for sale under the Banyan Tree this November or before if you contact me.  A special thank you to
Mike Neal for his wonderful photo of Jaws.  e komo mai

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