Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I stepped outside just a few minutes ago to capture the beautiful dawn. A new day quietly starting.  My husband doesn't understand why I get up so early.
There is a subtle difference in the look of our Hawaiian sky between the summer and winter.  I'm planning my next paintings of Kiawe trees along the ocean shore, though it may be a while before I actually get there.  

While we went to the bank Monday, I stepped out to the seawall to take a couple of photos and enjoy being by people.  After the tragedy of Sandy Hook, I just want to let them know I care.

It's been since the second week of December that I realized I needed to apply for extra documents to renew  my drivers licence.  Husband Harry and I decided I should not drive as our insurance won't pay for an uninsured driver.  Harry also has pulled muscles in his back and he hasn't been surfing or driving any long distances to rest it, so we have spent a lot of time together.  We have also been busy with last minute wedding plans and Mak coming home from college in Wisconsin.  The house is busy with family.  We are planning a good Christmas Dinner but no gift exchange this year.  I don't enjoy Christmas trees or to many extra decorations in the house as our space is small and many of us gather together inside.  I love live cut and potted flowers though.  I think they make any room more beautiful!

                                                     Pear and Grapes
                                                       5 X 7

Light and Shadows
12 X 16
Bird of Paradise
8 X 10

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