Saturday, December 22, 2012


This was taken of my girls Thursday evening
before we put our Hen in her pen for the night
We all think she is the most wonderful, fun and definitely, the friendliest pet we've ever had.  She lays the most gorgeous copper colored eggs almost ever day.  She does get into trouble though, we found chicken poop in the church's woman's bathroom!  The Day before, the school girls used the church to prepared a special dinner and she followed them in!  Friday morning at dawn I heard her squawking and looking out my window, saw the neighbor's dog had broken down her cage and was in hot pursuit!  This was followed by 2 sharp screams.  We looked for her, found feathers, no blood though, and heard no chicken noises anywhere.  Three hours later as I was being driven to do my volunteer work at the Gallery, Husband and I decided she was probably gone for good.   We were sad, my daughter I`o, the teacher who brought this Hen up to share with her students, was sad.  Thankfully, this was the first day of Christmas break and no students were here. Not to much later, Mak found her and was able to lift her over a small wall and carry her back.  Today, she is definitely missing some feathers but she is flying fine!  Hallelujah!

After closing the Gallery at 5pm, I walked down to I'o's house, where Husband picked us up and brought us home.  These photos are the late afternoon sun on the cute houses down at Shark Pit.

I hope you can see the Christmas decorations on this quaint older Cane House.

 I love the shadows of the picket fence.  I think I will invite Karen, my plein aire partner, down one afternoon to paint this one.
 This old one, redone beautifully, must have been one of the Manager's Plantation Houses.  I've been in it before the redo.  The rooms were large with tall ceilings, and glass door knobs, very vintage!

  This one is on the Ocean side.  I like the light on it, another beautiful scene, especially with the palms.

 These were the homes my Mom and brother owned.  My Mom's landscaping is still evident!  I lived upstairs  for a while.  Back then, there was an empty lot on the Makai side (ocean), we are Mauka, with a direct view to the surf break called "Shark Pit".  It's why the neighborhood is now known as Shark Pit, though years ago it was called "Haole Camp".   I remember my Mom rinsing off the surfers boards and bodies, while she was watering!
 I also lived in a refurbished tool shed in the backyard.  The backyard was just as well landscaped and kept up, it was like living in a park.   The Lord has always blessed me with the best places to live!

When my Mom and brother sold this, Mom moved to Idaho.  She vowed never to be the owner again but the renter.  She found a nice duplex and got permission from the landlord to remodeled the kitchen and put in a gorgeous garden and lawn.  He still gives her a break on the rent for all the improvements she made.
This is another remodeled, older one, don't you love the palm trees and lawn out to the ocean.

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