Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July

 Our 4th of July Rodeo started with a preacher using the freedom that America was founded on.  Explaining America was founded with men opening a book.  

The preacher explained, "You can have religious men, those who trust in their own works, traditions and rituals or accept the bridge, Jesus, that God sent for us."

Two prayers were offered in the name of Jesus, then the color guard moved the flag to the center, and we saluted it and sang the National Anthem.

Harry, I and our friends we went to the Makawao Rodeo with
 were blessed we could be there.

We had a barbeque with friends and family earlier that week.
And another hero, helping where he can.
I couldn't help but add this one.  She has her eye on one of
 last years champion and rising star.

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  1. What a nice rodeo, and I appreciate the message that the preacher shared.

    God bless America!