Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maui News and Revisioned News

In my last post I announced my first Grandbaby expectant date and put the wrong month!  Correction she will be here in October.  Kai's will be born in February.  We are all tickled pink and blue.

Grandpa proving he still can!  We had a family gathering to celebrate Mak's 19th birthday.
My watercolors are being considered in this shop at the Maui Tropical plantation.  I am excited to show in more locations.

 Here is a photo of West Maui mountain from my front yard Saturday, yesterday was a different day and time.  I love the different moods of the scenes we see daily.

Saturday's rainy day provided the time to sit down and paint. I have had so many other projects though rewarding, I missed my good ole fashion watercolor/gouache sessions.

With the kids back to school in early August and our few days of nonseasonal rain, I have to remind myself it is still summer.  I know the line is very blurred between our seasons here on Maui.  I hope to do more late afternoon walks and swims.  Thanks for visiting, Aloha Ral

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