Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Is this the cutest coconut stand you have ever seen?  
I know how many coconut stands does one pass every day?  
 Obviously, they have a "cocky" chicken, as I do!

I can't pass up their very unique use of the old school bus,

At Waianapanapa there are so many lava caves and tubes.  I found a nice place to set up next to the water when it started raining, so I ducked into this cave and while I was there decided to paint a small 5 X 7.

Puaa Kaa Pool
5 X 7
I was happy to sell it to a tourist right on the spot!
Blue Vase
5 X 7 
One of our still lifes we set up on our porch.,  I love white ginger!
I did this wave a while back.  This week I connected with a fun imagintive framer who used stripped, splitted coconut fronds on his frames.  We listed this one on my etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/158512197/aloha-auinala?

Malika ala akua
8 X 10
We framed this one with the palm fronds as well.  I was very happy with this painting which I did plein air a couple of months ago.  It was in a pile until this week until looking for paintings I had done with coconut trees for our new frames.

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